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So, I get banned. Nice.

Listen, I don't really give a flying fuck what the other admins think about me. I speak my mind in person like I do here. I am not a fucking keyboard warrior.

Khalid banned me and removed my admin privileges for stating my opinion and being honest about what I think towards other members of this forum on gun control issues. Big fucking deal.

I had to call Ballz and have him un-ban me.
That is gay as fuck. What is this, the new world order?

I am sick and tired of dealing with drama from other members of this site banning me at will for my views. It is bullshit. It takes time to get back on.

I rarely ban people. When people need things done like getting approval to get on the site I am there spot-on. Every day. Every time.

It just pisses me off. I don't deserve to be banned for stating my opinion in a thread I didn't even create because someone thinks I am being too fucking mean. Fuck that.

The next one of you motherfuckers that wants to talk shit to that shit to my face like a man.

Don't ban me like a faggot coward. We will get jiggy with it anytime you want to. I promise it will be a fruitful exchange.

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